Mailing Address
2121 Euclid Avenue, RT 501
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2214

Campus Location
Rhodes Tower 501
1860 East 22nd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2214

Interactive Video Distance Learning

We have teaching professionals and video conferencing specialists who specialize in synchronous distance learning. We design and maintain the technology found in interactive video distance learning (IVDL) classrooms, assist in the connection and bridging of videoconference classes and provide support for instructors teaching on CSU campuses. Through the 10 IVDL classrooms on CSU's campuses, we can connect to almost anywhere in the world.

Each IVDL classroom contains a straightforward instructor touch screen to control all conference and system functions. In-room resources include a Windows PC, document camera, DVD/VHS player and Smart Podium. Students participate by way of PTT (Push To Talk) microphones along with an automatic switching/zoom camera.

We provide training on the classroom equipment as well as consultation on making instructional materials more effective for the distance learning environment. We can schedule single class meetings in one of our IVDL rooms in order to easily bring a guest speaker to your class via videoconference.

To learn more about IVDL classrooms, please contact Mark Hackett at 216-687-5270.