Mailing Address
2121 Euclid Avenue, RT 501
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2214

Campus Location
Rhodes Tower 501
1860 East 22nd Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2214


We enjoy showcasing our work, especially when it inspires innovation in classrooms and on projects. In our showcase menu, you’ll find seven capabilities that we're proud to offer. If any of them catch your interest, we’ve included contact information on each page for learning more.

Podcasting -- Sharing your knowledge and insights with an audience via an Internet-based show.

Oculus Rift -- Immersing yourself into entire virtual worlds.

The Lightboard -- Presenting while standing inside of your own PowerPoint.

Augmented Reality -- Layering digital worlds on top of everyday physical objects.

Guest Speakers by Video -- Bringing a guest speaker to campus without anyone having to travel.

GoPro Cameras -- Capturing footage in ways that traditional cameras can't.

Livestream -- Broadcasting your event live over the Internet or watching it later on-demand.