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We work closely with you to discover and develop strategies to create instructional content and enhance your instruction. The final product can utilize any number of different hardware and software-based instructional technologies. We can provide training for the instructional technologies we recommend.

Some training takes place in the form of open registration sessions, but we also offer training to address the specific needs of colleges, departments or individual faculty and staff.

Our open registration sessions are listed below. If you would like to schedule a custom training session, please contact Chris Rennison at 216-523-7582.


Tegrity is a lecture-capture tool that provides a straight-forward way to record lessons, lectures, and skills from a computer, tablet or phone. One button starts a recording, the same button stops it, and Tegrity manages the rest. 

There are three workshops available for Tegrity. The introductory workshop focuses on a general overview of the product, where to find it, install it, how to create a recording and how to make the recording available to your students. The two intermediate classes provide more in-depth study regarding how to use Tegrity live in a classroom as well as in Blackboard (CSU’s learning management system).